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Our doors are open every day from 11am until 11pm

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Lunch Box To Go

Vegetarian Box
Vegetarian Box two vegetables, naan bread and rice.
Lamb Curry Box
Lamb Curry Box lamb curry of the day, vegetable of the day, naan bread and rice.
Chicken Curry Box
Chicken Curry Box chicken curry of the day, vegetable of the day, naan bread and rice.


Vegetable Samosa
Seasoned potatoes and green peas wrapped in a crispy pastry
Aloo Tikki Chole
Chole pan fried potato cakes topped with curried chickpeas, yogurt and chutney
Chicken Pakora
Strips of chicken battered in chickpea paste and deep fried
Harialy Kebab
Chicken wings marinated in a mint cilantro sauce and cooked in a clay oven
Kebab Platter
Bits and pieces of chicken tikka, malai kebab, boti kebab, seek kebab and paneer tikka seasoned with tandoori spices and barbequed in clay oven 11.95 Chicken Samosa sauteed minced chicken encased in a crispy pastry
Tawa Paneer
Cubes of homemade cheese, onions, tomatoes and bell pepper tossed in mildly spiced curry sauce
Baghare Jinga shrimp
Shrimp sauteed with mustard seeds, red chillies, shredded coconut and curry leaves in a tangy curry sauce
Pani Poori
Crisp puffs stuffed with chickpeas, potatoes, and mint
* Most Ordered Items

Soups And Salads

Mulligatawny Soup
A split pea and lentil soup, prepared from vegetarian stock, with mild indian spices and served with lemon wedges
House Garden Green Salad
Traditional green salad topped with diced bell pepper, green and black olives. served with house dressing.
Tuna Salad
Tuna fish seasoned with indian spices, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber
Soup Of The Day
Maharaja style homemade soup
Maharaja Chicken Salad
Julienne of tandoori chicken, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned with home made dressing

Vegetable Entrees

Palak Paneer
Homemade cheese simmered in creamy fresh spinach puree and garnished with chopped cilantro and ginger.
Methi Matar
Malai sauteed green peas cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves and finished off with a touch of cream.
Aloo Gobi
Jeera potatoes, cauliflower and cumin cooked with tomatoes and onions in a mild sauce. garnished with chopped cilantro
Navratan Korma
Medley of vegetables cooked in mild creamy sauce topped with dried fruits
Baghare Baigan
Baby eggplant cooked in a peanut, coconut and fennel seed based sauce flavored with mustard seeds, curry leaves and tamarind
Kaali Daal
Black lentils and kidney beans simmered in tomatoes and spices
Paneer Mahkni
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in a creamy sauce
Kadai Paneer
Cubes of homemade cheese tossed in a spicy tomato sauce with green and red peppers
Khatta Meetha
Baigan eggplant simmered in sweet and sour sauce
Chana Massala
Chickpeas cooked with ginger, onion, tomatoes and herbs
Bhindi Do Piaza
Fresh cut okra stir-fried with onions and aromatic spices

Chicken Entrees

Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless cubes of chicken cooked in tandoor and finished off with yogurt and creamy tomato sauce
Andhra Mirapakaz Kodi
Cubes of chicken cooked in a coconut based curry sauce and garnished with curry leaves
Murg Madras
Cubes of chicken sauteed with mustard seeds, dried red chillies, ginger and cooked in a coconut sauce, flavored with curry leaves
Chicken Saag
Cubes of chicken cooked with spinach in an aromatic curry sauce, garnished with fresh chopped cilantro
Chilli Chicken
Seasoned shredded chicken sauteed with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes in a hot curry sauce. topped with strips of ginger
Murg Pasanda
Seasoned breast of chicken pan-grilled in a mildly spiced sauce flavored with ground fennel and star anise
House Special Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry chicken cooked with potatoes in a home-style curry sauce
Maharaja Roast Chicken
Half chicken seasoned in yogurt with ginger, onion, special spices and roasted in the oven
Chicken Vindaloo
Boneless chicken cooked with vinegar and spices in a hot curry sauce (goan specialty)

Lamb Entrees

Bhuna Gosht
Boneless cubes of lamb braised in onions, tomatoes and mild indian spices
Lamb Vindaloo
Boneless lamb cooked with vinegar and spices in a hot curry sauce
Lamb Shashlik
Marinated cubes of lamb, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers grilled and served over special rice
Lamb Xaccutti
Cubes of lamb cooked in sauce of roasted coconut, spices, curry leaves and star anise
Lamb Pasanda
Succulent pieces of lamb cooked in rich mildly spiced sauce flavored with ground fennel, star anise and cardamom
Saag Gosht
Cubes of lamb cooked in a spiced spinach puree, garnished with fresh ginger
Masala Baby Lamb
Chops baby rack of lamb smeared in spices and aromatic herbs and cooked on a slow fire
Kadai Gosht
Fresh chunks of lamb cooked in a traditional wok with spices, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers

Seafood Entrees

Machli Malabar
Fillet of fresh fish simmered in spicy coconut sauce, tempered with ginger, mustard seeds and curry leaves
Tandoori Prawn Masala
Marinated jumbo shrimp cooked in a clay oven finished with tangy curry sauce
Kolkata Maacher Jhol
Fillet of fresh fish seasoned and pan-fried, simmered in curry sauce with eggplant, potato, fresh cilantro
Mustard Fish
Fresh fillet of salmon seasoned with turmeric, salt, lemon juice and dijon mustard and simmered in onion tomato curry sauce
Goan Fish Curry
Fillet of fresh fish simmered in spicy tomato sauce flavored with curry leaves, coconut milk and kokum
Bhuna Jingha shrimp
Sauteed in tomatoes, onions and spices in a medium-spiced sauce
Konju Papas shrimp
Tempered in coconut, tamarind and curry leaves in a spicy tomato curry sauce
Shrimp Saag
Medium sized shrimp cooked with braised spinach, tomatoes and flavored with cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, and broiled in our charcoal clay oven
Chicken Haryali Kebab
Cubes of breast of chicken marinated in mint, cilantro, yogurt and cooked in our tandoori oven
Lamb Seek Kebab
Ground lamb seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, rolled on a skewer
Pudina Chaap
Sliced rack of lamb marinated in fresh mint, crushed ginger, garlic and herbs and cooked to perfection
Salmon Tikka
Chunks of fresh salmon coated with lemon juice, sour cream and spices. cooked in oven
Tandoori Vegetables
Fresh mixed vegetables, homemade cheese, marinated in traditional indian tandoori spices and oven-roasted
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt, spices and cooked in a clay oven
Reshmi Kebab
Diced breast of chicken marinated in a blend of yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese and spices
Chicken Seek Kebab
Chicken seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, rolled on a skewer
Tandoori Prawn
Jumbo shrimp marinated with fresh lemon juice, sour cream, spices and grilled in a clay oven. garnished with lemon and vegetables
Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Cubes of homemade cheese marinated with salt, pepper, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices
Tandoori Mixed Grill
A platter of tandoori delicacies consisting of tandoori chicken, seek kebab, tandoori prawn, salmon tikka, reshmi kebab, hariali kebab, rack of lamb and grilled tomatoes

Rice Dishes

Steamed Basmati Rice
Long-grain naturally aromatic rice brought to you from the foothills of the himalayas
Peas Pulao
Long-grain rice cooked with green peas or mushrooms
Chicken Biryani
A cooked blend of basmati rice and chicken, richly flavored with saffron, nuts and dried fruits
Shrimp Biryani
Long-grain rice and jumbo shrimp cooked together and garnished with nutmeg, dried fruits and chopped cilantro
Lemon Rice basmati
Basmati rice flavored with lemon, mustard seeds, curry leaves, turmeric and peanuts
Vegetable Biryani
Oven cooked casserole of basmati rice and vegetables, flavored with saffron, nuts, raisins and fried onions
Lamb Biryani
Cooked basmati rice and cubes of lamb flavored with spices and herbs and garnished with nuts, raisins and crisped fried onions
Maharaja Biryani
(House Specialty) a blend of long-grain rice cooked with chicken, lamb and flavored with cloves, cardamom and cinnamon


White flour bread
Garlic Naan
GLeavened white flour bread brushed with fresh chopped garlic and cilantro
Pudina Paratha
Whole wheat multi-layered bread stuffed with fresh or dried mint
Peshwari Naan
White flour bread stuffed with nuts and dried fruits
Paneer Kulcha
Flour bread stuffed with grated cheese, herbs and spices
White flour bread baked in clay oven
Lacchedar Paratha
Whole wheat multi-layered bread
Aloo Paratha
Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potato
Onion Kulcha
Flour bread stuffed with chopped onions and spices


Whipped cream with diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lightly spiced
Mixed Pickles
A blend of green chillies, lemon, lime, green mangoes and lotus buds
Mango Chutney
A green mango cured with sugar, molasses and vinegar
Papadum lentil
Cracker served fried or roasted


Gulab Jamun
Condensed milk and balls of flour served in rose-flavored sugar syrup and a touch of cardamom
Carrot Halva
Grated carrot pudding studded with pistachio nuts and condensed milk
Ice Cream
Assorted flavors of mango, chocolate, and vanilla
A popular north indian dessert of homemade cheese served in condensed milk and pistachio
Malai Kulfi
Rich indian ice cream made of thickened milk, topped with cardamom for its exotic flavor
Maharaja Shemai
Vermicelli noodles cooked with milk and topped with nuts, saffron, and dried fruits. served hot or cold


Soda can
Soda can (12oz)
Mango Lassi
A mango flavored yogurt smoothie
Sweet Lassi
Atraditional north indian yogurt summer drink